Dragonfly Aesthetics

Dragonfly aesthetics offers manicures classic or gel, pedicures, facials, waxing, brow tinting, eyelash tinting, relaxation massage and la stone massage.

To book an appointment call 250-361- 2662

Sugar Waxing

With melody at Sugar Muffin Sugaring

For information, pricing and bookings call 250-881- 4645 or email or visit

What is Sugaring

A thickened sugar paste is applied with the hand in the opposite direction of hair growth and peeled off in the direction of hair growth. Removing hair in its natural direction of growth prevents the breakage and ingrown hairs that are often associated with waxing. While you may experience some discomfort in the initial appointment, there is no need to worry about live skin cells being taken with the hair thanks to sugars’ natural, simple ingredients, meaning you should experience little to no tenderness after an appointment. As you continue to get regular sugaring, hair follicle walls begin to break down and eventfully disappear, which means hair grows back finer and sparser, making each appointment easier then the last!

Lash Extensions

Done with Michelle from the Lash Lounge. For more information, pricing and bookings, please call Michelle at 250-580- 8568 or visit

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